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Fight Unexpected Expenses


Who doesn’t like to save some money? If you’re one of the almost 40 million people living in California, then you’re well aware that the cost of living in the Golden State is above average. In fact, according to CNBC, California was the third most expensive state to live in throughout 2017. So let’s be […]

Our Agents Are Here for You

The average person doesn’t wake up with the intent of bailing someone out of jail. In order for anyone to plan this, they would have to plan on a friend or family member getting arrested, which no one wants to do. Due to this, many people never really learn about bail or how it works. […]

Responsibilities of Being a Parent

Being a parent takes an incredible amount of responsibility, including legal responsibility. Until a child turns 18 and becomes a legal adult, their parents are responsible for them in many ways. This includes needing to pay for consequences should their child get into trouble, cause problems, and/or get arrested. The parents can hold their children […]