Manufacturing and Distributing Fake Identification

Manufacturing and Distributing Fake Identification

It doesn’t matter if you’re manufacturing and distributing fake identification cards because you want to help someone out or because you’re trying to supplement your income, you’re breaking the law. If you’re caught, you’ll face some very serious criminal charges.

In California, manufacturing fake identification cards is a misdemeanor that’s discussed in Vehicle Code 1300.4.1 VC.

There are several reasons why individuals manufacture and distribute fake identification cards, including:

✦ Trying to establish an identity
✦ Providing minors with a way to purchase alcohol and tobacco products
✦ Making it possible for minors to get into clubs that don’t grant minors admittance
✦ To hide a bad driving record from insurance companies
✦ To hide the fact that a person has lost their driving privileges from the police in the event that they’re pulled over
✦ To hide a shady background
✦ To clear TSA checkpoints
✦ To start establishing a history in the United States

The reason you’re manufacturing and distributing fake California identifications isn’t going to matter to the court. The only thing they care about is that they suspect you’re doing so and they want you to stop.

If you’re caught either manufacturing fake California identifications or selling them, you will be charged with a violation of Vehicle Code 1300.4.1 VC. At this point, it’s a misdemeanor charge so as long as that’s the only charge you’re dealing with, you won’t have to worry about losing your right to own firearms or spending time in a state prison.

While you won’t be sentenced to time in a state prison, if you’re convicted, the judge could sentence you to send as long as one year in a county jail. Additional sentencing possibilities include 24 hours of community service and/or a fine that ranges from $250 and $1,000. Misdemeanor probation is another option the judge might consider after hearing your case.

It is important to note that in order for you to be convicted of manufacturing a false identification, you must prove that you knew that the identification card was going to be used to deceive. For example, if someone approaches you and asks that you create some false identification cards that they will use in a play, you may do so. If those identification cards are also used to help minors purchase alcohol at the local gas station, you can honestly say you didn’t intend to defraud anyone and will likely win your case.