Keep Calm or Things Could Get Worse

Keep Calm or Things Could Get Worse

Life happens fast. One day you’re here, and the next you’re gone. Not gone, gone, but gone because you’ve been arrested. Being arrested happens at the worst moments and we’re never fully prepared. It is completely understandable to be frustrated, angry, and emotional. However, in moments like this, we must try to remain clam.

Being respectful can help keep the situation as a whole. The old saying that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar is true. Being calm, and respectful with the officer who is arresting you can go a long way. You’re already demonstrating good behavior and willingness. Whatever you may be getting arrested for, just remember you’re innocent until proven guilty.

When being arrested try to stay calm and keep control of your body. It’s easy to get worked up, hyperventilate, and get angry. Staying in control of your body will help protect you from yourself and an officer. If an officer doesn’t feel threatened, then they are more likely to go easier on you. If you put up a fight, and try to run away, you’ll probably be on the receiving end of rougher treatment. Just remember, they’re just doing their job of trying to keep everyone safe.

Lastly, while you are being arrested, remember your rights. The officer is required to read you your Miranda Rights. However, it’s important that you know them from the beginning. Know that you have the right to remain silence, right to an attorney and the right to film the incident. Filming the incident falls under your First Amendment right.

There’s nothing more humbling than being arrested. It’s not something you ever aspire to do, but sometimes life happens. Keeping calm while being arrested gives you the chance to think about your actions and which bail bondsman you’ll be calling.