If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

When a person is arrested, their loved ones will often begin to panic. They want to help their friend or family member get out of jail, but they do not know how. The reason being, nobody ever talks about bail or bail bonds. The only time most people learn about bail, is when they actually need it. This can lead to a lot of questions. Luckily for you, Andy Moreno Bail Bonds in Long Beach has the answers that you are looking for.

What is the difference between a bail agent and a bail bondsman?
There is no difference. Bail agents and bail bondsmen are the same thing.

How much does a bail bond cost?
That depends on the amount of the bail that the bail bond is for. In California, bail bonds are always 10% of the bail that they are for.

How much do I have to pay up front?
That depends on a number of different factors that are specific to your case. This is dependent on your loved one’s bail amount, and the financial strength of the co-signers for the bail bond.

What is a co-signer?
A co-signer is anyone who signs the contract for the bail bond. Co-signers are responsible for making sure payments are made on time, and that their loved one goes to all of his or her court dates. There can be multiple co-signers for a bail bond.

Can I finance the bail bond?
Yes, you can. We work with all of our clients to create personalized payment plans for each of them. This way, the cost of the bail bond is split into smaller, more manageable monthly payments.

Here at Andy Moreno Bail Bonds in Long Beach, we know that our clients tend to have a lot of questions about bail and bail bonds. This is why we do everything we can to answer those questions. If we missed one of your questions in this article, you can talk to one of our bail agents at no charge. We offer free consultations to everyone.

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