How to Play with the Hand You Were Dealt

How to Play with the Hand You Were Dealt

There are a lot of things that make us sad in life. We often feel compelled to argue about, fight, and disagree with the cards that have been dealt in life. We don’t have to like what is happening in our lives, but we do have to accept it. Sure we can throw fits, and try to change what is happening in our lives, but ultimately, it is what it is. There will always be things in life that we have no control over.

A thing in our life that we can’t change and we need to learn to accept is other people’s actions. We can’t change how other people act. We are not our loved ones. We can only control our actions and emotions. So when a loved one acts in a way that results in them being arrested, we must accept that they put themselves in those positions. Their actions lead to their current situation. They are the ones that got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. You can’t change that they got in trouble. You have to accept that. This doesn’t mean that you can’t help them get out of trouble.

The summer weather in California changes from day to day, which can make it miserable for some. Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather, and you have to accept that. Once you accept that the weather isn’t going to change, then you can work on ways deal with the weather. Accepting that you can’t change the weather patterns will allow you to create habits in order to cope with the weather.

There is an importance in accepting things. It could be a personal problem or not, accepting something that you don’t like is hard. However, accepting it may just give you some peace of mind. Accepting a situation can help you move passed a current circumstance and on to preventing the problem from accruing again. If you’re constantly trying to fight what is, you may find yourself overly exhausted all the time.

Accepting that you don’t always have control is the first step. The second step is problem solving, or trying to make the situation better than what it is now. For example, if your loved one is in jail, you can find a way to bail them out of jail. Bailing them out of jail can make the situation better for your loved one and family. By accepting that they are in jail, you are able to move passed it and find a solution. Sure no one wants to go to jail, or have a loved one in jail, but it can’t always be helped. The trick is playing with the hand you were dealt.