Bail Bonds: Using Your Home for Collateral

Getting out on bail, particularly if the judge has set a high bail, is expensive. Most people simply don’t have the money required. That’s where a bail bonds business like Andy Moreno Bail Bonds in Porterville comes into the picture. In exchange for you paying us 10% of the required amount, we’ll post your bail for you.

We have worked hard to create a program where we seldom have to ask for collateral. We’ve done this by offering a 20% discount to certain signers, not demanding that working clients have a co-signer, and offering zero down and zero-interest payment plans. Still, there are times when the amount needed is higher than we’re comfortable with. When this happens, you might decide to use your home as collateral.

If you decide to use your home as collateral against your bail bond, there are a few things you should know.

The first step is providing proof that you own the home and that you’re being honest about its value. This can be done with a:

✦ Mortgage statement
✦ Copy of property deed
✦ Title search
It’s worth noting that the only way you’ll be able to use the home as collateral for your bail bond is if you have built up enough equity in the building to meet the amount of the bail.

The next step is attending a court hearing where the terms of using your home as collateral for the bail bonds will be discussed. If an agreement is met, a contract will be signed, a lien will be placed on your house, and you’ll be released from jail. If you violate the terms of your bail, we assume the title of your home. This is something everyone involved would like to avoid.

It’s important to understand that the lien against your home remains in effect until your case has reached a final conclusion. How long this takes depends entirely on how long it takes your case to wind through the court process. If it goes to a jury trial, you could be talking well over a year.

There are several reasons you should consider contacting us when you need help covering your bail. These reasons include:

✦ 24/7 Bail bond service
✦ 20% Discount
✦ Phone/online approvals
✦ 0% Interest payment plans
✦ No hidden fees
✦ No collateral required for working signers

When you need help making bail, you want to work with a company you can trust. That’s exactly what you’ll get from us. For additional information, feel free to call 559-685-1282 or click Chat With Us now for an obligation free consultation.