Bail Bonds and Bad Credit

Bail Bonds and Bad Credit

Poor credit is something that can happen to good people for a variety of reasons. The problem is that when you are dealing with something that requires credit, most organizations and lenders only look at the numbers but rarely ask for an explanation about the bad credit rating. This is one of the reasons some people are leery about contacting bail bond agencies after they’ve been arrested. They’re worried that because they have bad credit, they’ll automatically be denied, and more bad news is something their psyche simply can’t handle at the moment.

Even if you have bad or no credit, we urge you to contact Andy Moreno Bail Bonds. We’ve worked with many people in your exact situation and have often been able to come up with a solution.

Payment Plans

You’ll be pleased to know that we do have payment plans and that even though you have bad credit, we are willing to explore the possibility of payments with you. Our payment plans are designed to be flexible, so they work with a variety of financial situations. Best of all, our payment plans are zero-percent interest, so once you’ve completed your last payment, you will have only paid 10% of the bail bond.


If your credit isn’t good, we’re willing to have you use a co-signer. This is a person who is willing to vouch for you. Not only are they promising to make sure you keep up with the payment plan we’ve worked out with you, but they’re also promising that you will be diligent about following the requirements laid out in the bail bond contract and by the judge who handled your arraignment.


Collateral is another option when you have bad credit. Depending on what you own, we may be willing to accept it and use it to guarantee that you’ll make your payments on time and that you will also attend all of your court dates. If you plan on using collateral, make sure it’s something that you own outright. We can’t accept anything that is still partly owned by a lending institution.

The best way to find out exactly how your poor credit ranking will impact your ability to get a bail bond is by talking to us. Our free consultations are available 24/7. The consultations provide you with the perfect opportunity to discuss your financial situation, your credit history, and anything else that could impact your ability to qualify for a bail bond.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner you’ll get answers to your questions and find out how likely it is that you’ll be released from jail.

Choosing a Bail Bond Co-Signer

Choosing a Bail Bond Co-Signer

It’s possible that, for some reason or another, we’re reluctant to enter into a bail bonds contract with you until you have a co-signer who is willing to take this journey with you. The higher your bail, the longer your criminal history, and the lower your credit rating, the more likely it is that you’ll need a co-signer before we agree to enter into an agreement with you.

If we decide that we want you to have a co-signer, you should know that not every person in your life is going to be a good match for this position. When choosing a person to serve as your co-signer, there are a few things you need to consider.

They Must Be Willing

You’re going to find that some of your loved ones are willing to serve as a bail bond co-signer. There are a few different reasons a person who normally believes in you might refuse to co-sign for a bail bond. These reasons could include the following:

✨ They simply aren’t in a good financial position themselves
✨ They don’t want to draw attention to themselves
✨ They simply don’t think they know you well enough
✨ They already have enough on their plate and simply can’t take on yet another responsibility.

If a person isn’t 100% on board with becoming a co-signer, they shouldn’t be begged to do so.

They Must be in a Good Financial Situation

While we’re willing to work with clients who have a poor credit rating, when it comes to the co-signer, they must have a good credit history and be in a good financial situation. We have to be confident that if something happens, that makes the client unable to be on top of their payments, the co-signer will be able to step in and make up for the loss.

They Need to be Employed

The co-signer you chose needs to either have been employed at their current job for a considerable length of time, long enough that we’re not worried they’re going to just walk out or be fired. If they don’t have a solid work history, they should at least provide us with documentation that indicates that they have a solid and reliable source of income.

Being a co-signer for a loved one’s bail bond is a huge deal. It’s imperative that your co-signer understands exactly what they are about to take on.

Let your co-signer know that our free consultations are available 24/7 and that the consultation provides them with an opportunity to speak with an experienced bail bond expert.